Prepare for IMPACT.

Our mission is to be the driving force that inspires, educates, empowers, and activates successful professionals to achieve outstanding outcomes they never thought was possible.

We help influential leaders and organizations stand out in their industry and make huge waves of positive change in today's fiercely competitive business world.

We're here to support you on your journey to success and provide you with the tools you need to thrive!

We offer a range of project management, training, and consulting services, including:

  • Synergistic Partnership Cultivation

  • Commission Sales Increase Training

  • Strategic Leadership Development

  • Sales Demo/Presentation Congruency

  • Creative Brand Alignment

  • Work • Life • Purpose Integration

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you surpass your goals and get to your next level faster.

As steward leaders, we believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration. We are committed to helping you and your team truly shine!

Teamwork Makes The...

DREAM WORK! Discover the power of strategic partnerships and creative solutions.

You're Meant For More

Stop working in your business and start working ON it so you can turn those dreams into reality.

Collaboration Is Key

Achieve professional success and personal fulfillment at quantum speed!

Enhance Productivity

Maximize your moments of flow while we attend to hidden energy leaks in your processes.

take your dreams off the back burner!

Unlock Your Business Potential with Expert Project Management!

We bring over 20 years of professional problem-solving experience, along with a distinct combination of therapeutic, Spiritual, neurologic, business, and AI expertise.

The unique synergy of these diverse skill sets creates a holistic approach that helps our clients grow exponentially and multi-dimensionally.

By decoding how people think, why they act a certain way, and how they work results in improved efficiency and effectiveness!

  • Stop wasting time and money on inefficiencies

  • Elevate and streamline your workweek

  • Close more business in less time and with less effort

stop losing customers...

Reset, refresh, and realign.

Don't miss out on opportunities due to lackluster presentations. ❌

Typos, or simple misaligned details in your marketing collateral or slide decks can distract your audience and cost you deals.

It's not you, it's your visual aids!

At Aloha Collaborations, our highest intention is to help you reap a sustainable harvest from the seeds you've been planting all this time.

We believe that authenticity is key to establishing genuine connections on a human level, and anything that takes away from that needs to go.

Our creative brand alignment services will transform your marketing and sales presentations into powerful tools that win more YESes! Elevate your pitch and captivate your audience with our proven sales techniques and presentation strategies.

Whether it's polishing your slide deck, refining your messaging, or improving your delivery, our experienced team will help you present your business in the best possible light!

With our expertise and guidance, you can unlock your true potential and achieve the results you've been striving for. Let us help you leave a memorable impression everywhere you go.

Fancy meeting you here!

Aloha, I'm Lizel 👋🏼

I'm an Author, Speaker, Business Consultant, wife, and mother of 3 under 6. I specialize in empowering inspired leaders and organizations through professional growth and transformations.

As an expert in active listening, purposeful goal getting, and creating a motivating environment, I help you elevate your business to align with your core values so you can achieve success on your terms without compromising integrity.

My highest values are in teaching, learning, and leaving people and places better than I found them. :) I'm committed to helping inspired world changers become wealthy, deepen their faith in the process (and in themselves!), and align their work with the principals of abundant living so they can TRULY thrive and make a positive impact on the world.

I received my Master's degree in Occupational Therapy in 2013 and got certified in Coaching for Divine Purpose in 2015. When I moved to Hawai'i (from California) in 2016, I also left my career in the medical field. In 2021-2022, I trained under Dr. Alok Trivedi aka "Dr. Rewire." In his mastermind, I met Mark Tosoni, CEO of #14 on Inc. 5000 and now work closely with him in partnership across multiple business projects. I also serve on the board of the Kailua Chamber of Commerce where I enjoy helping small businesses thrive and collaborate on projects that support the well-being of our local island community. :)

I'm excited to link arms with forward-thinking leaders like you to co-create a future that's productive, satisfying, and fruitful for everyone involved!

"self-made" millionaires don't exist.

Join our community of empowered entrepreneurs, business owners, and visionary leaders.

Maximize your God-given strengths, skills, gifts, and talents and let us take care of the rest.



Achieved business goals ahead of schedule.



Reached 15 countries globally.



Avg hours saved after streamlining operations.



Day at a time.


Hear from Some of Our Past Clients:

"I would describe my life before working with Lizel as comfortable, but not fulfilling— I was missing something... but didn’t know what.

Lizel opened my eyes to my true power and potential in life, and even months after working together, she is someone who I know always has my back and is a cheerleader in my life.

If you’re reading this you’re here for a reason— take the sign and allow her to help you unleash the magic that you’ve always had inside you!"

Carly Berges

Ascend Athletica, CEO

"Lizel was the one who showed me what was possible. She created the space for me to get over my fears of public speaking and to give permission to myself to go after my BIG dream.

I had my first conversation with her when I was just a "stay-at-home mommy" a few years ago. Because of Lizel and what she saw in me, I got inspired to start my own business... And today - I have business partners and clients all over the world and I officially made it to the Million Dollar Club! I'm forever grateful for you."

Cristina Stone

Alpha Project, CEO

"Lizel does it ALL and she is amazing, wonderful, great…. She is GOOOOD.

I’ve met with other professionals before, but I haven’t really formed relationships with them (just because). And the difference with having Lizel by my side is that she is WITH me along the way, guiding me and cheering me along every step. She is truly one of the BEST coaches in the world!

If you need someone to help you get clarity and open doors of opportunity…@HowToManifest on Instagram. Look her up."

Senovia Williams

Florida A&M Univ, Director

"Before working with Lizel, I really struggled with my self-confidence, trusting my intuition, and listening to my inner knowing. I wasn't living up to my full potential, but didn't how to get there.

What I never expected was how transformative and mind-blowing each session was in its own unique way. I really appreciate how Lizel was always present in the space she had for me and was so giving of herself.

Looking back, the time flew by AND we also accomplished so much!"

Christine Ju

Transformational Healer

Are you a mompreneur?

We know the struggle of finding balance between work, family, and your own well-being can be overwhelming. It can be hard for others to truly understand the challenges that come with being a working mom...

Thank God you're not walking alone on this journey!

We understand, and we're here to remind you of how amazing you are when you need it most. :)

We know there are times when you may feel like you're running low on strength, but take comfort in knowing that God is always there, carrying the load with you and renewing your strength each day.

Let us help you navigate the journey of entrepreneurship and motherhood, so you can thrive in all the ways you were created to!

Email to order your copy today and learn the secrets EVERY mompreneur should know!

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